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Address: 43 East Palm Ave. Burbank,  CA 91502.
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Phone: 818 239 – 9076

             Welcome to the DEFIANT GYM website. We are the only gym to specialize in muay thai and boxing in downtown Burbank. Each member of our staff has over 12 years of experience in either muay thai or boxing. We cater to all ages and all levels of fitness. Whether your looking to get in shape, have a fight career, or just learn come in and see what we are all about. If you are interested in having a fight career you’re looking in the right place. We train several ametuer and professional fighters in both boxing and muay thai. We also have mixed martial artists that train with us. A lot goes into having a fight career and we make sure to give all of our fighters the proper time, care, and effort. The fitness gains from a muay thai/boxing workout are exponential. Not only do you get an incredible cardio workout, you also increase strength and mental toughness. Your body will get pushed to a level beyond what you are normally used to and will in turn make you a better, healthier, stronger human being. You will literally see and feel the pounds melt away in a matter of weeks. Your endurance level will reach new heights. Most important of all you will have the satisfaction of knowing that you accomplished something at the gym. Our instructors are skilled and knowledgable in both muay thai and boxing. We have over 12 years of experience. For muay thai: everyone of our instructors has trained in thailand and has ring experience (fight experience). Our head boxing coach has over 10 years of coaching experience. He has several ametuer fighters and also trains his 2 professional sons.

We also have an on hand chiropractor.  Dr. Robert Tanthanasiridej, DC, QME ( Chiropractor/ Qualified Medical Evaluator )